Line ups

We have different line ups available depending on your requirements and budget. We can provide background music during dinner or high energy music for dancing. We are often asked to provide a smaller band during dinner followed by the full band for the evening entertainment.

Standard line up – 7 piece band (with vocals), for those wanting the full band, versatile and flexible for different occasions

3 piece jazz band (sax, keys, bass or sax, drums and bass). For those on a budget but with demanding tastes; quality background music

4 piece jazz band (drums, sax, keys, bass) – The standard line up for a jazz band

5 piece jazz band (drums, tenor sax, alto sax, keys, bass) – A very popular choice, the additional saxophone/clarinet/flute provides further colour and flexibility, perfect for background and more up tempo requirements

To discuss your individual requirements, please get in touch with us today.